Lesson 4  Viewing Messages

(Just a friendly reminder: Your WebMail should be opened in a second
browser window so that you can read this tutorial at the same time.)

     Return to the WebMail Inbox (New Mail Folder). If you are not currently there, you can get there by using the "Inbox" button.

     To view a message, click on the name in the "From" column of the message or on the subject in the "Subject" column (see arrows).

WebMail displays the Read Message window which shows the message that you selected.

You may need to use the scroll bars on the left and/or bottom of the page (not shown in the diagram above) in order to read your entire message. This will depend on the size of your monitor screen, the size of your window, and the length of the message.

At this point you can perform a number of different functions:
Toss it in the trash!
Navigate through your messages.
Reply to the sender (covered in more detail in Lesson 5).
Forward the mail to someone else (covered in more detail in Lesson 6).
Get organized! File it in a folder (covered in more detail in Lesson 9)!
Or, return to the inbox.
...all with the click of a button!!

From this Read Messages window you can also place the sender's address in your WebMail address book by clicking on the Add to Address Book button. Use of the Address Book will be covered in Lesson 7.

Updating the Inbox
     Because new messages can arrive at your mailbox while you are viewing the message list, you can use the Check button on the Read Messages toolbar to refresh your list while you are viewing it. If this kicks you back to the login window, log in again and then click on the Reload or Refresh button of your browser when you get to the inbox page.

Assignment WebMail 4 - Viewing Mail:
     By now you should have received an e-mail from your trainer, one from yourself and perhaps some other mail. Take a moment to read each one before moving on to the next exercise. Navigate through the mail by using the Next and Previous buttons. Add the addresses of the senders to your address book (don't worry about where they go...we will cover this in Lesson 7).

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