Introduction to WebMail

About WebMail
       This tutorial is written for people who will be accessing their e-mail through WebMail, however, since it covers most of the typical features of e-mail, it is useful for learning about e-mail programs in general. It assumes that you understand *basic* use of your Web browser (for example, Netscape, Mosaic, or Internet Explorer) and have a *basic* familiarity with the Internet and the World Wide Web.

       WebMail has been set up at FLC to be Web-based and is the ideal solution for people who need a versatile way to access their e-mail remotely! FLC has installed a WebMail Server and since the SCILnet partners use a supported e-mail system, you can read, respond to, and manage your e-mail from ANY computer that has a Web browser and access to the Internet.

       Note: If you have your school mail (ie: from k12 server) forwarded to another account, you will not receive any mail in WebMail. See your trainer to change this setting.

       Many Web browsers let you send and receive e-mail, however, none of these provide users with ready access to their office or school e-mail system from home or vice versa. Being Web-based, WebMail allows you to access and manage your e-mail from home, the office, school, or ANY remote computer with Internet access.

WebMail is easy to use!
       From your Web browser, you simply enter the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of your WebMail server the same way you would retrieve any Web page. WebMail displays its Log In screen. From there, using WebMail is similar to using most other e-mail systems.

Some Important Things to Know
  • Trouble Shooting

    Trouble Shooting Guide
    You cannot seem to go anywhere in WebMail and continually get "kicked" back to the login window. Your browser is probably retrieving your WebMail page from your cache file (temporary storage on your computer). Just use the Reload or Refresh button of your browser while in the window that keeps sending you back to the login. This will update the page from the WebMail server.
    WebMail will not fit your displayGo to the Display Control Panel (Start, Settings, Control Panel, Display). Set all options in the Display area to 800 X 600. Another problem may be the length of the Subject line. If someone sends you a message with a long subject line, the WebMail Inbox will be wider to accommodate the long subject.

  • WebMail Tools (Buttons)
    WebMail provides the tools (buttons) that you will need to create, send, receive, and manage e-mail messages. We recommend that you use WebMail's tools (buttons) rather than your Web browser's tools (buttons) during a WebMail session.

    For example, if you were viewing your Messages list and wanted to update your list to reflect any changes, you would use WebMail's Check button rather than the refresh or reload option of your Web browser.

  • Getting Help
    To use the WebMail Help feature, select the Help button. This will take you to the Help window. To move around in the WebMail Help window, use the highlighted topics in the Table of Contents frame. Click on a highlighted topic to view a discussion of the topic. You can also use the scroll bars to read through the information. To print the online version of the WebMail User's Guide, use the print function of your Web browser.

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