Session III: File Transfer

       The ability to transfer files is one of the most powerful uses of the Internet. File transfer is based on File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Most browsers incorporate FTP into its functionality making the transfer of files very user friendly.

       There are thousands of free software programs (including Internet Explorer and Netscape) that you can download, software product demos that you can test drive and images to grab. And these are only a few of the uses of FTP. Many companies now offer online software upgrades.

       In the lab exercise you will download a virus protection software package. Although most reputable software archives on the Internet are scrupulous about scanning their offerings for viruses, it is still possible to get them and it is important to have some kind of virus protection on your system. It's important to note that you must upgrade your virus protection software frequently, since there are always new viruses coming requiring new virus detection software to combat them.

       Transferring a file with most browsers is as easy as clicking on a hyperlink. Give it a try by accessing the lab exercise from the link on this page.

     Click HERE to go to the lab exercise.

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