Frequently asked questions about Scilnet

What is Scilnet?

Southwest Colorado Interactive Learning Network (Scilnet) is a partnership between Fort Lewis College, Pueblo Community College, twelve school districts, eleven public libraries, Southwest Regional Library Services System and both the Southwest and San Juan Board of Cooperative Services. A detailed project narrative is available.

This project was made possible in part by a grant from the Technology Learning Grant and Revolving Loan Program, State of Colorado, Department of Higher Education.

What is the timeline for the Scilnet project?

The grant period is from May 5, 1997 through June 30, 1999. For specific dates see the timeline included in the original grant proposal.

What is the process for getting the T1 connected?

All new telecommunication lines related to the grant should be ordered using the following procedure. First select an Internet Service Provider (ISP), then have your ISP call the Scilnet contact person at US West, Vivian Porpillos (303) 391-8609, to order the lines.

What is the E-rate discount?

The Federal Telecommunications Act of 1996 provides for telecommunications discounts to k12 schools and public libraries. All of the K12 schools and libraries that are Scilnet partners are eligible for 50% discounts. Five of the Scilnet partners (Fort Lewis College, Pueblo Community College, Southwest Regional Library Services System and both the Southwest and San Juan Board of Cooperative Services) are not eligible for any discounts. Eligible organizations must apply to the FCC in order to receive this discount. Applications will be accepted starting around the end of October or early November, 1997. The application process must be repeated every year. There is a limited amount of funds and when the funds are exhausted no further applications will be accepted for that year. This set of E-rate discounts can only be applied to purchases made during the 1998 calendar year. Additional E-rate information is available.

How does the E-rate discount effect the budget?

Additional information will be available here when the new budget is finalized.

Can I move funds between budget categories?

The budget for the grant identified several budget categories including Hardware and/or Equipment and telecommunications costs. Any changes to the grant, including moving funds between categories must be approved by the grant administrator at Fort Lewis and an amendment must be made to the agreement with the state of Colorado.

What is the process for getting reimbursements?

The school district may submit certified invoices to Fort Lewis College not more frequently than quarterly. These invoices should contain appropriate documentation including invoices and canceled checks, should state the period for which reimbursement is being requested and should itemize the costs by budget category per the budget summary. The school district will submit requests for reimbursements from the public library to Fort Lewis College.

When can I start buying equipment?

Equipment can be purchased any time after the notification of award (May 5, 1997).

What can the equipment allocation be spent on?

New equipment and upgrades must meet the minimum equipment standards developed by the equipment subcommittee.