NT 5.0

Here is a list of some of the changes that will appear in NT 5.0

NT Hardware requirements

Recommended memory is 64MB for workstations and 96MB for servers. 128MB is probably more realistic. SCSI-based disk subsystems have been highly recommended in recent articles.

According to Microsoft, the beta version of NT Workstation 5.0 needs about 400MB of disk space and NT Server 5.0 about 500MB of disk space.

Microsoft Management Console (MMC)

MMC will be a common interface for administrative tasks. It will combine server manager and user manager among others.

IIS 4.0 includes snap-ins for WWW, FTP, SMTP, NNTP, Microsoft Transaction Server and Microsoft Index Server services.

Active Directory

The implementation of Domain Controllers has also changed in NT 5.0. There are no more PDCs and BDCs, only Domain Controllers. Each DC contains it's own directory data-base and changes can be written to any DC. The organization of the the controllers is based on Organizational Units. There will only be one type of group.

Windows 95

Computers running the Windows 95 operating system will be upgradable to Windows NT 5.0.


Administrators will now be able to set disk quotas for users.

There are several online articles available about NT 5.0