The Control Panel

The control panel adds, deletes, and configures software and hardware on the local computer. Most of the control panels have multiple ways to be accessed, not just by openning the control panel folder. For example the Printer control panel is also available from

Start -> Settings -> Printers

and also from Windows explorer and the My Computer Icon.

Some of the default NT Panels

  • Add/Remove Programs
  • Console
  • Date/Time
  • Devices
  • Display
  • Fonts
  • Internet
  • Keyboard
  • Mail
  • Mouse
  • Multimedia
  • Network
  • PC Card
  • Ports
  • Printers
  • Regional Settings
  • SCSI Adapters
  • Services
  • Sounds
  • System
  • Tape Devices
  • UPS

Some control panel icons are not installed in a default installation, for example the MacFile control and the GSNW (Gateway Service for Netware) control.