Emergency Repair Disk

The Emergency Repair Disk (ERD) is the most important item to have in preparation for a disaster. The ERD is a copy of the system configuration files. With this disk you can quickly rebuild the system after a major disaster. This disk can also be used in other situations, like restoring an account that has been deleted.

The ERD needs to be updated in order to obtain a copy of the current system configuration. You are given the option to create the ERD during the installation process, but you can update the disk at a later time using the NT command rdisk /s

In order to use the Emergency Repair Disk you must also use the NT set disks. Boot from the first setup floppy. After a short period of time you will be prompted to insert Disk 2. After Disk 2 is inserted you will be given several options. The Repair option corresponds to using the ERD. When you select R for Repair, you are presented with the following text:

As part of the repair Process, Setup will perform each of the optional
tasks shown below with an "X" in it's check box.

To perform the selected tasks, press ENTER to indicate "Continue." If you
want to select or deselect any item in the list, press the UP or DOWN arrow
key to move the highlight to the item you want to change.

Then press ENTER.

     [ ] Inspect registry files.
     [ ] Inspect startup environment.
     [ ] Verify Windows NT system files.
     [ ] Inspect Boot Sector.

F1=Help F3=Exit ESC=Cancel