Create a User Account (Lab)

In this lab you will create an account for yourself with Administrative privileges.

This lab assumes that you are using an NT Server that is part of a Domain.

  1. Log on to your Server as Administrator.

  2. Click Start, point to Programs, point to Administrative Tools, and then click User Manager for Domains.

  3. On the User menu, click New User

  4. Enter a user name based on a naming convention that will use for your domain.

  5. Enter your full name.

  6. Enter a description.

  7. Enter a password. (Passwords are case sensitive).

  8. Confirm your password by typing it again.

  9. For password options, only select Password Never Expires

  10. Click on the Groups icon

  11. Add the Administrors Group

  12. Close the Groups screen

  13. Create the user account by clicking Add

  14. Leave the New User screen by pressing Cancel