Windows NT Keyboard Short cuts
Windows NT 4.0 has built-in support for the Microsoft Natural Keyboard, using the special keys as follows:
     WIN + R = Display the Run dialog box. 
     WIN + M = Minimize all windows currently open. 
     WIN + Shift + M = Undo Minimize all windows 
     WIN + F1 = Start Help 
     WIN + E = Start Explorer 
     WIN + F = Start Find Files/Folders dialog box. 
     CNTL+ WIN + F = Start Find Computer dialog box. 
     WIN + TAB = Cycle through taskbar buttons. 
     WIN + BREAK = Display Systems Properties panel. 

[Ctrl] and [F4] Close active document or group windows

[Alt] and [F4] Quit active application or close current window

To switch between applications: Alt+Tab

To switch backwards between applications: Alt+Tab+Shift

Bring up the "Start" menu: Ctrl+Esc

Switch open windows: Alt+Esc

Edit tricks. Once you've selected an object, you're ready to act on it. Although I still like the old Windows shortcuts for cutting (-), copying (-), pasting (-), and undoing (-), these days more applications use the shortcuts that originated with the Macintosh: -x for cut, -c for copy, -v for paste, and -z for undo.