Configure Directory Server

If you do not have any other Netscape Server 3.x products installed the Directory Server setup program installs the administration server. The Adminstration server is used to configure and manage all of the Netscape Suitespot Servers. After installing the Directory Server software you still need to active this software by using the Administration Server to "Create" a new directory server.

  1. To access the Administration Server go to "Administer Netscape Services" in the Netscape folder. This launches Netscape Communicator and opens the admin server URL.

    To jump directly to the Administration server you can just type in the Administrator URL. If try this a recieve an error message it could mean that the Administrator Server is not running. You can start and stop the Administration Server using the Services applet in the NT Control panel.

  2. You are now looking at the server selector. Click on "Create New Netscape Directory Server 3.1".

  3. Fill out the form as indicated in the above image and click "OK".

    It is very important that you select the checkbox for "Configure Directory for SuiteSpot". For information on what this option does see the documentation on SuiteSpot Integration.

    The system will not work if you do not include the proper SuiteSpot Administrator's ID and Password. If you enter incorrect information the configure will not give you an error message.

  4. Click "OK" to continue.

  5. At this point you should recieve a message indicating that you have successfull created the directory.

    In order to effectily manage user accounts, you should prepare this Directory to work with your NT Domain. This preparation requires that you create an additional "Organizational Unit" for the NT user accounts.

    In order to complete the preparation you need to select the link for "Return to Server Administration".

  6. From the Administration page select the button for "Users & Groups".

  7. Select the link for "New Organizational Unit"

  8. Create a new Organizational Unit called NTusers by filling out the form and pressing the button labeled "Create Organizational Unit".

  9. At this point you are finished configuring the Directory Server and can exit the browser.