Configure LDAP Gateway

Configuring a Web Server for Your Gateway

To allow users to access the gateway, do the following:

1.Make sure a web server such as the Netscape FastTrack Server is installed and configured on the same host the directory server is installed on. (The FastTrack server is included on the Netscape Directory Server product CD.)

2.Add an additional document directory to your web server so that the gateway's files can be accessed. From the server manager for your web server, do the following:

  1. Go to Content Mgmt | Additional Document Directories.

  2. In the URL prefix field, enter dshtml.

  3. In the Map to Directory field, enter:


    where is the directory server's installation directory, and is your directory server's server identifier.

    1.Click OK.

    2.Click Save and Apply.

  4. Add an additional CGI directory so that the gateway's CGI programs are available. From your web server's server manager:

    1.Go to Programs | CGI Directory.

    2.In the URL prefix field, enter ds.

    3.In the CGI directory field, enter:


    4.Click OK.

    5.Click Save and Apply.

    You can now access your directory by opening the URL: http://:/ds/search where is your web server's host name, and is the port number that your web server is using. Note that you need to specify the port number only if your web server is not using the standard HTTP port number (80).