Installing Messenger Express on Windows NT

Follow these steps to install Messenger Express on Netscape Enterprise Server 3.0:

  1. Unzip the Messenger Express package into a temporary working directory.
  2. Important: Netscape recommends that you use WinZip to unzip the Messenger Express package. Other zip tools are known to have problems.

  3. Configure the Enterprise Server to recognize files ending with .pl as perl programs by doing the following:
  4. Modify the Enterprise Serverobj.conf file by adding and then deleting a shellcgi directory by doing the following:
  5. In a DOS shell, cd to the temporary working directory where Messenger Express was unpackaged.
  6. Enter perl

  7. Important: Make sure the script is run in a standard DOS shell. Third-party shells (such as 4-dos) are known to have problems.
    You will be prompted for the following information:

  8. Connect your client to the http://<your web server>/<Messenger Express directory> URL.

  9. (For example: http://webmail/nsexpress)

Installing Netscape Express Server Official Documentation from Netscape.