SuiteSpot Integration

Have the directory server installation form create a simple directory for you. This installation option allows your administration server to perform user and group management in your directory.

The accomplish this integration the following steps are performed:

Creates a root point entry that corresponds to your directory suffix. This entry can be created only if your suffix begins with o or ou (for example, If your suffix begins with something other than o or ou (for example, c=US), then you must create the integration entries with some other mechanism than the installation forms.

Creates a subdirectory called ou=Netscape Servers, <your suffix>. That is, if your suffix is, then the subdirectory is called ou=Netscape Servers,

Creates an administrator entry based on an administrator user ID that you provide. This entry is created with a UID-based distinguished name. That is, if you provide the installation from with a user ID of admin, and your suffix is, then an entry is created called uid=Admin, This entry uses the inetOrgPerson object class. In addition, its common name (cn) is set to SuiteSpot Administrator, its surname (sn) is Administrator, its given name is SuiteSpot, and its uid attribute is set to the user ID that you provided to the installation form (admin, in this case). It is also given a userPassword attribute that is set to the password that you provide to the installation form.

Creates a group called cn=Administrator, <your suffix>.

Adds the administrator entry to the administrator group.

Provides the Administrator group with read, write, search, and compare permissions to the entire directory.

Sets up anonymous access for read, search, and compare, but disallows read access for the userPassword attribute.

Starts your directory server and creates the simple directory with the previously described elements.