Install Directory Synchronization Service

  1. Run the Directory Server Installation Program again

  2. I dialog box appears asking if you want to continue. Click Yes to continue. The files are extacted, and the Welcome screen appears.

  3. The welcome screen recommends that you exit all other programs. Click the next button to continue with the installation.

  4. Installation Options, unselect Netscape Directory Server because that should already be installed at this point. Select the option for Directory Synchronization Service.

  5. The Software License Agreement appears. Click "Accept" to accept the license.

  6. A new screen will appear displaying the "Directory Synchronization Service Configuration" Tool. This tool has several different tabs across the top that correspond to different configuration areas. You will have to modify three of the different areas at this time.

  7. For the Server Settings tab, you will have to enter a location for the log file and also uncheck the "Use SSL" option.

  8. For the Directory Server Settings tab, you will have to change the LDAP Port number to "389" and enter in additional information about your system as demonstrated in the above image.

  9. For the Account Details tab, you will have to enter the email suffix and select the check box for "Automatically create Messaging Server accounts for new Directory Server users".

  10. Click on the "OK" button.

  11. You will now be prompted to restart the server.