Enable Directory Synchronization

In order to get the Directory Synchronization Service to work you have to enable this option in the Netscape Directory Server.

  1. Load the Netscape Administration Server. This is available from the Start / Programs / Netscape SuiteSpot / Administration

  2. Type in your Administrator Username and password to log in.

  3. After you are logged in select the Directory server.

  4. When the directory server page appears, find the option in the left hand window for Network and select it.

  5. Find the check box labeled Yes corresponding to the option Enable Directory Synchronization and select it.

  6. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on the button labeled OK.

  7. Near the top of the screen you will see a flashing button labeled Apply. Click on this button.

  8. A new screen will appear. On this screen select the button Apply changes now

    The NT and SuiteSpot directories should begin the synchronization process within 15 minutes of making this change.