Protocols in a Microsoft Network

NetBIOS - a Transport protocol and is not routeable and is considered to be an essential part of an NT network.

A UNC (Universal Naming Convention) \\computer name\share name for example \\Sales1\MSWord

NetBEUI - very few settings, used in Browsing NT network

NWLink (Microsofts version of IPX/SPX) - three configuration settings: the frame type, the network number and the internal network number.

TCP/IP - TCP/IP is a suite of related protocols and utilities used for network communications. TCP/IP is actually two protocols, Internet Protocol (IP) and Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). There are many different implementations of TCP/IP however they all conform to a standard which means different implementations can communicate with each other.

Each machine that uses TCP/IP must have a unique TCP/IP address which is a 32 bit number, which is usually displayed in the dotted quad (or dotted decimal) format, where xxx is a number from 0 to 255

TCP/IP was originally used on ARPANET, a military network and grow to universities and is now used on virtually every computer system.