Desktop based Search Utilities

The software below will help you search the web from your desktop. Most packages will send a query to multiple search engines and allow you to sort results and download actual web pages. All are for Windows platforms, unless noted.


Alexa is a site discovery tool that works with your browser. You can't actually use it for searching, but it does a wonderful job of suggesting interesting sites based on the ones you are visiting -- and much more.

AltaVista Discovery

Designed to work specifically with the AltaVista search engine, this program runs as a small toolbar that attaches to the browser. Among the features that may appeal to web searchers are hit highlighting and search for similar pages.


Nice touches to this metasearch package include the ability to spell check a query or display related words and homonyms. It will also highlight the search terms on pages, if they have been downloaded for viewing, and attempt to group pages into in similar categories.


Copernic offers powerful options in an easy-to-use interface, plus has a great selection of specialty searches options, such as music, movies, jobs and sports.


A metasearch tool.

Infoseek Express

An impressive and free metasearch package that pulls results from all major search engines, even though it is made by Infoseek. (more about Express)

Mata Hari

This program is designed so that you can learn one set of power search commands, which the program will then translate for each search service, as appropriate.

NetAttache Pro

Web agent retrieves, searches, filters and manages data.


Allows you to search multiple search engines from your desktop.


Performs metasearch via an extremely simple interface. Free for use, or a paid version provides more features.

Trellian Wolf Products

Trellian makes a variety of tools that let you search for images, MP3 and audio files, email addresses and more.

Wanted Jobs 98

Searches employment sites for job listings.