What is Netscape Communicator?

Netscape Communicator is a complete set of tools that allow you to take advantage of all that the Internet has to offer.

Different Editions of Netscape 4.0

Product Specs

Platform/OS Version Options Memory
File SizeAt 28.8 KbpsInstalled File Size
Windows 95 and NT 4.04 Base install 16MB 9.2MB 60 Minutes 20.4MB
Windows 95 and NT 3.04 Base install 8MB 5.8MB 38 Minutes 10MB
Windows 95 and NT 4.04 With all components 16MB 15.6MB 101 Minutes 37.7MB
Windows 3.1 4.04 Base install 16MB 12MB 78 Minutes 19.7MB
Windows 3.1 3.04 Base install 8MB 5.5MB 36 Minutes 10MB
Macintosh System 7.5 4.04 Base install 16MB 7.5MB 49 Minutes 18MB

Differences Between Netscape 3.X and Communicator 4.X

The idea of components has been fully embraced in the new version.

Navigator Differences


Messenger lets you send and receive electronic mail (email) to and from anyone who has an email address and exchange files so that you can share them with others. Messenger gives you access to the IMAP email protocol in addition to the POP email protocol.


Collabra lets you participate in Internet newsgroups, also called discussion groups. A discussion group is an online community of people who share similar interests.


Composer lets you create your own web pages and publish them on the World Wide Web, so that anyone who has web access can view them. This component replaces the HTML editing functionality of Netscape Gold.


Conference lets you talk and collaborate "live" with colleagues around the world while avoiding long-distance phone charges. You can work with a remote colleague to edit a document, sketch on a shared whiteboard that your remote colleague can see, exchange files, and browse a web site together.


Netscape Netcaster delivers information to you automatically. The information is organized into groups called channels. Channels are Web sites that are automatically delivered to your desktop. Using Netcaster, you can subscribe to just the channels you want and get just the information you need. This way, you don't have to search the Web on your own and look through irrelevant information. Netcaster can also update your channels automatically so you can always see current information.

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