A Profile is a collection of system settings, including the desktop layout and system menu configuration. A Windows 95 profile is different and incompatible with a Windows NT profile. Because of this limitation only organizations using NT workstations as clients will use profiles. There are three diffent types of profiles: local, roaming and mandatory. Profiles can be shared by several users or unique for every user.

Local Profile
A local profile is specific to a computer. A user who has a local profile on a particular computer can gain access to that profile only while logged on to that computer.

Roaming Profile
A roaming profile is stored on a network share and can be accessed from any computer. A user who has a roaming profile can log on to any computer for which that profile is valid and access the profile.

Mandatory Profile
A mandatory profile is a preconfigured roaming profile that the user cannot change. In most cases, these are assigned to a person or a group of people for whom a common interface and standard configuration is required.

Home Directories
A location where users can store personal files. By default this functionality is only available to NT workstation clients.

Login Scripts
A file that contains simple commands which are executed each time a user logs in. This option is available to both NT and 95 clients.