Loading a Hive into HKEY_USERS

The registry stores the configuration information for programs and users. By default only the information on active users will appear in the registry editor. But you can manually load the information on other users in order to make changes.

Usually, the easiest way to start the Registry Editor is to launch it from the Start-Run dialog box. Simply type REGEDT32 and press Enter. There is no need to enter the directory path because the directory is automatically in the environment variables.

  1. Highlight HKEY_USERS and then select Load Hive from the Registry menu.

  2. Browse to their profile directory and select NTuser.dat or if you are editing a mandatory profile the file will be called ntuser.man

  3. When prompted for Key Name, input their Username. The editor will insert the user's Registry data into HKEY_USERS under the user's name.

  4. Make your changes to the registry located under this new key.

  5. After you are finished making all of the registry changes, highlight key corresponding to the username and select the Unload Hive option from the Registry menu.

The Load Hive command only works on HKEY_USERS and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.