Mandatory 95 Profiles

If you have Windows 95 users in your domain, you can create new mandatory user profiles. To create a mandatory user profile for a Windows 95 user:

  1. On the client Windows 95-based computer, start Control Panel, and select Passwords.

  2. From the User Profiles property page, enable the option that allows users to have individual profiles, and set the Primary Network Logon to Client for Microsoft Networks.

  3. Reboot the client machine.

  4. Use User Manager for Domains to create the user account (if it does not already exist). For the user's home directory, specify the location where the User Profile will be stored. This automatically creates a folder with the user name. If a dialog is displayed stating that the operation failed, create the folder manually before continuing.

  5. Copy the Template Profile that you are using for mandatory profiles to the user's home directory:

    From the Windows 95-based machine hosting the mandatory, copy the complete contents of the local Profile folder to the folder created previously. This writes the profile to the destination, including the folder trees and the file originally included with the profile.

    If you have not already done so, rename the User.dat file to At logon, the user will download the mandatory profile, cache it, and no changes will be written back to the server at log off.